Design and coding platforms for webdev

Modern web development has long since stopped needing an Internet language for coding. Web developers use either Notepad or a simple text editor. There are now web development programs that simplify many of the processes of creation, from coding to design, and every developer will be able to mold a website to their imagination without any limitations. Being able to freely create websites without coding is also safe since you are not using third-party plug-ins. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best web design platforms.

Sketch Review

Quality websites offer the ability to create unique design elements, such as logos, and Sketch is just the right platform that provides one of the widest choices of design tools. Here you can find almost everything you need to create a modern website, from the simplest animations and interactive prototypes to special, so-called “main” symbols that you can then apply anywhere in the document, and adjust its parameters. You’ll also be able to format text and images into a dynamic design.

The special built-in tool FontRapid even allows you to create only your own, designer and unique fonts. But unfortunately, this program is only supported on the Mac operating system.

InVision Cloud Review

InVision Cloud is popular with many zany companies such as Amazon and Netflix. Its principle is that it brings traditional methods and design elements into a digital form. It includes features such as:

  • Element Library
  • Picture board
  • Navigation threads
  • Inspiration board
  • Web prototypes for desktop sites

The unique Prototype feature will interest you as a web developer because it allows you to build a website prototype even for mobile use.

Another plus is that the program offers a free version, but if you are not satisfied with the limitations associated with this plan, you can easily upgrade to the paid Professional version.

Sublime Text Review

This program is also a fairly popular code editor that is perfectly supported on all operating systems. You don’t need to have the best laptop for coding to use the program, and it’s also pretty easy to understand.

The main features include GoTo Anything, which makes it easy to find the code snippet by auto-search, Multiple Selections, which allows you to make changes in those code sections that repeat, and Split Editing, which allows you to maximize and still display the code part with quality even on the widescreen.

The program can be used both for free and for a fee and you can synchronize it with all the devices you use.

Foundation Overview

The process of creating a website gets a lot easier when the program already has the basics from which to start the creation process. Foundation offers you ready-to-use interface frameworks that are highly customizable for any look and feel you desire. You should consider this design program if only because it has been involved in large-scale companies like Disney.

Also, the program offers ready-made templates, for different applications, for example, to create a blog dedicated to a particular subject. The program includes a bunch of different tools for a variety of Web sites and therefore offers to attend a seminar dedicated to teaching basic skills so that beginners can learn everything from there.

If you plan to buy a license to use this program, then be prepared for the fact that the price includes a lot of additional conditions and costs, but the developers offer a free demo version so you can safely test it.