10 free web browser games you have to play

Sometimes, browser games captivate your attention and leave pleasant memories as good as games that you have to pay for. If you don’t want to waste your time looking for “those same” Browser games among thousands of offers, in this article we offer you a list of the top 10 free games that are sure you will like.

Doom – Review

Doom is a game in the shooter and fantasy genre. Here you take on the role of the brutal assassin Rock and fight an endless battle against evil demons. You wander through the rooms of a creepy space station located on Mars and destroy all the enemies that appear in your path.

QWOP Review

QWOP is a game in the genre of sports, but rather unusual in its execution. Here you can control any muscles of your character and keep him in motion to run to the finish line without falling (spoiler – it is very difficult to do so).

The game was specially designed with a level of difficulty so that players can tickle their nerves and maybe even pump their reaction rate unless of course, you throw your computer out the window after 10 failed attempts to make people run.

Triplets! – Review

If you’re a fan of puzzle games, this one is for you. It’s pretty simple in theory but more challenging in practice. The point of the game is to place adjacent cards with the same numbers on them on top of each other. After that, they add up to the sum of those numbers and new cards with numbers appear on the screen.

Spelunky – Overview

Spelunky is another old pixel game in which you play as a small miner who overcomes difficulties underground in search of treasure. On your way you will meet monsters and traps, each level will bring something new and it will not let you get bored.

Catan Universe – Review

Catan Universe is a virtual version of the good old board game Settlers of Catan. After moving it to the screens of your computers, the principle of the game has remained as close to the original. In this game, you turn into a knight for whom the most important is the expansion of its possessions and resources.

Slither.io – Overview

It would seem that these are games for 10-year-olds or even younger, but it is only at first glance. It is a challenging game that requires a lot of patience. In the game, you control a worm, choose its skin and grow it by feeding it blooming balls and other worms. But be careful, because for the other users on the platform you are also a potential “food”. 

The Dark Room – Overview

Darkroom is a text-based game that starts with you finding yourself in an empty dark room and keeping your eyes on the fire. As it heats up, more and more options become available to you.

Vanderputt – Review

Vanderputt is a fantasy mini-golf game that surprises with its sophisticated and complex golf courses. Nevertheless, it is quite easy to play: all you have to do is determine the exact strength and angle of your ball.

Liner – Overview

Liner is a game that lets your imagination run wild. Map out a crazy, complex, and tricky track that the racer then has to drive around and watch him cope with the challenges.

Chrome Dino Game – Review

Google Chrome itself is a kind of game, you just have to turn off the Internet and in front of you will appear a dinosaur who will endlessly overcome the obstacles in its path day and night.